Slack Adjusters


SilverbackHD’s complete line of GeoMetric™ Series manual and automatic slack adjusters is consistent with our corporate Intentional Engineering™ standard. Each automatic truck and trailer slack adjuster is engineered to exacting standards to ensure ongoing braking efficiency, longer life and seal integrity under the harshest road conditions.


  • Dependable Performance
    The efficiency of a slack adjuster depends on the quality of its components. SilverbackHD uses only tool-grade steel and quality forgings to ensure that every style of slack adjuster performs dependably throughout its life. Case-hardened and heat-treated components meet our Intentional Engineering™ standards, and our slack adjusters are built to harmonize with SilverbackHD GeoMetric™ Series S-cams and other wheel-end components.
  • Longer Life
    Because the SilverbackHD automatic slack adjuster is exposed to the worst road corrosives in the industry, we apply robust rust and corrosion inhibitors to ensure longer life. All exposed moving parts are zinc-dichromate plated for optimum corrosion resistance, while the housing is coated with a ferritic nitro carburizing process. To complete the sealing process, SilverbackHD uses high-quality gaskets and thermoplastic resin O-rings designed to withstand severe temperature fluctuations and other environmental conditions.

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