SilverbackHD’s GeoMetric™ Series S-cams are an integral component of our Intentional Engineering™ strategy of manufacturing every brake component not only tougher, but better able to harmonize with related parts, minimizing the maintenance cost to fleets. Some of the unique features of our GeoMetric™ Series S-cams are:

  • Higher-grade steels
  • Machined S-cam head surface
  • Heat treated heads, journals and splines
  • Stone-ground journals


  • Withstands Harsh Conditions
    Premature cam wear is a leading cause of premature brake failure and unbalanced braking. SilverbackHD OE-grade cams are made to the highest standards. We use premium high-carbon HRC 45 tool-grade steel for our s-cam brake parts, which include the journal and cam head. This high-grade steel withstands even the harshest cold conditions found in the Canadian north and is proven to last longer in more temperate road conditions.
  • Tighter Tolerances for Better Braking
    After our S-cam heads have been forged, they are precision-cut at both the spline and cam end to achieve tolerances that are .050 inch tighter than non-machined cam heads, which promotes balanced braking. Cam heads that are not precision milled can have a variance of up to .050 inch between cam lobes, causing unbalanced braking, and ultimately, uneven brake wear.
  • Longer Life and Maximum Brake Efficiency
    SilverbackHD S-cam heads, journals and splines are heat-treated to over 1,000˚F (560˚C) until they achieve an OE standard hardness of HRC60. Properly hardening S-cam heads reduces wear and increases cam life. The HRC60 hardness of our S-cam parts is Intentionally Engineered™ to match the cam end hardness of SilverbackHD GeoMetric™ new-lined shoes and the cam roller hardness of our GeoMetric™ Series cam rollers. This process of Intentional Engineering™ reduces component wear and maximizes S-cam brake efficiency.
  • Reduced Wear
    To perfect our S-cams, each journal is stone-ground to a fine RA16 finish to provide tighter tolerances and minimize wear on the cam bushing.

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