Hydraulic Disc Calipers



Superior Ductile Iron, Pistons, Seals for Longer Life

SilverbackHD heavy duty hydraulic calipers are made with high grade D5506 ductile iron, yielding more than 55,000 psi of tensile strength. North American sourced synthetic seals provide excellent thermal resistance that reduce leaking. SilverbackHD caliper hardware includes tempered Grade 8 bolts and wirewrapped steel brake lines. Pistons are made with patented North American Sumitomo bakelite. This fiber substrate-reinforced resin reduces heat expansion and contraction under severe temperature fluctuations, thus reducing leaking. The fused metal cap promotes long term heat resistance and oxidization resistance, both of which can lead to cracking and premature wear.

Interchangeable transfer hoses and bleeder valves make SilverbackHD 70mm, 4 piston calipers special dual purpose. ONE CALIPER FITS LEFT OR RIGHT!

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