Air Disc Rotors


SilverbackHD introduces our series of air disc brake rotors for heavy-duty trucks and trailers. These brake rotors are engineered to meet ASTM G3500c grey iron specifications in order deal with the high temperatures generated in air disc applications, while preventing warpage and effectively dissipating heat. Precision mill balancing creates better brake geometry and less noise.

Benefits of Air Disc Brake Rotors

  • Less Warping and Less Squealing
    Inferior rotors are often manufactured with low carbon content grey iron that will not dissipate heat effectively. SilverbackHD air disc rotors, using Intentional Engineering™, are manufactured using dense high carbon G3500c grey iron to efficiently move heat away from the wheel end, which avoids warping the rotor or glazing the disc pads and causing squealing.
  • Improved Heat Dissipation for Longer Life
    G3500c grey iron, with high carbon content, has demonstrated better heat dissipation characteristics that provide substantially longer rotor and friction life due to less heat buildup in the wheel end.
  • Corrosion Resistance
    Patented GeoMet coating is applied to every rotor to resist winter’s corrosive agents on our roads, plus provide resistance to solvents like gasoline, brake fluids, transmission fluids, antifreeze and motor oil.

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