Air Disc Pads


SilverbackHD KXT Aramid Fiber High Torque air disc pads are engineered to run cooler, last longer and stop safer. Built to meet or exceed OE standards for performance and safety, SilverbackHD’s KXT produces higher torque output, shorter stopping and less wear than competing pads. Fleet managers look to SilverbackHD for the most durable and reliable air brake parts for their trucks.

Benefits of Air Disc Pads

  • Withstands Higher Temperatures
    Because air disc technology requires higher torque than air drum brakes, we started with proprietary blends of thermal-resistant fibers and resins and ended up producing one of the industry’s highest-performing pads. Aramid fiber, the same fiber used in bulletproof vests, was chosen for its ability to withstand heat and stress. This fiber was coupled with an MPR resin capable of withstanding temperatures of 1,500˚F.
  • Provides Superior Torque for Safer Stopping
    Our unique formulation generates some 14,000 foot-pounds of torque, 24% more than the industry average, and stops vehicles up to 18% shorter. Our brake pads meet Reduced Stop Distance (RSD) regulations; in fact, SilverbackHD KXT Aramid Fiber is RSD-D certified to stop 22% shorter than federal regulations!
  • Built for Durability
    SilverbackHD KXT air disc pads are built with high-quality Q235b steel backing plates to withstand more than 34,000 psi of yield strength. To ensure the highest quality shear strength, every pad is built with our quality reinforced integrated plate system. Finally, every SilverbackHD KXT air disc pad is finished with burnish strips that reduce noise, vibration and harshness, and seat the pads to the rotor during burnishing.

Complete With OE-Grade Hardware

SilverbackHD KXT air disc hardware kits are built to the strictest OE standards to ensure proper pad and caliper function. Inferior kits can cause loss of brake geometry, so be sure to use only SilverbackHD hardware with KXT air disc pads.

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