Air Chambers


SilverbackHD takes its Intentional Engineering™ into the world of air chambers with the development of our GeoMetric™ Series air brake chambers, spring brakes, piggyback kits and accessories. These superior truck and trailer air brake chambers are built to maximize stability and stopping — the fleet manager’s top concerns.


  • Improved Stability
    Broad plate reinforced welding of the attaching bolts creates greater structural integrity of the chamber canister and makes it more resistant to disfigurement and leaking under high-torque applications.
  • Better Braking
    SilverbackHD engineers have paid special attention to spring design and function by guaranteeing that every spring meets tight tolerances for proper tension, tensile strength and environmental coating. By guaranteeing the proper spring tension, fleets receive the stopping power they deserve under even the harshest conditions.
  • Reduced Maintenance
    Dual layer laminated thermoplastic resin diaphragms are reinforced with a high-strength webbing to resist one million cycles of use. This material is engineered to withstand the effects of acid washes, road salts, fuels and other road-borne corrosives.

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