Intentional Engineering™


All SilverbackHD products are designed, engineered and manufactured to harmonize with each other for maximum performance and minimum maintenance. By reducing wear and maintenance, Intentional Engineering™ assures that you receive the highest quality brake and wheel components — parts that reduce your cost per mile.

When our manufacturing specifications are harmonized, or matched across products, the mating parts don’t cause unnecessary wear. Some of our Intentional Engineering™ specs are:

  • Harmonized heat-treating
  • Mating concentricity standards
  • OE-specified materials and coatings

During this proprietary engineering process, every component is analyzed for:

  • Tensile Strength
    From the grey iron in our drums and rotors to the tool-grade steel in our cams and slack adjusters, all SilverbackHD parts are specified to use the best grade iron and steel available for the application.
  • Hardness and Heat-Treating
    We don’t just make our parts for heavy-duty use — we make them for severe-duty use. We make sure that SilverbackHD cams, brake shoes, slack adjusters and other related components are heat-treated to meet or exceed OE standards. Intentional Engineering™ heat-treating standards mean that our S-cam head, cam rollers and the cam end of our premium new brake shoes are all heat-treated to the same specifications. This consistency results in longer brake life, more reliable braking and less fleet maintenance.
  • Exacting Tolerances
    Different manufacturers use varying tolerances, which can cause loss of brake life and lower performance. SilverbackHD Intentional Engineering™ means that we build our brake hardware to the exacting tolerances of our brake shoes, and our cam hardware to the exacting tolerances of our S-cams. This attention to detail results in tighter tolerances for more balanced braking and longer brake life.
  • Corrosion Protection
    The harsh Canadian north teaches us a lot about corrosion — inferior parts just waste away on vehicles here. SilverbackHD Intentional Engineering™ uses electro-deposition coating for maximum rust-jacking protection on our brake shoes, making SilverbackHD the first manufacturer to offer a lifetime rust-jacking warranty on every shoe we produce! We use ferritic nitro carburizing processes on all our automatic slack adjusters, and Geomet coatings on our rotors, for resistance to acid washes, salts and other road corrosives.